jeudi 10 septembre 2015

Your Dream Garden Is In Sight

Every green thumb relishes in the coming of spring. It's time to dig out your gloves and gardening tools, and create your new masterpiece. With the change of seasons just around the corner we wanted to share five things we think should you consider when it comes to your dream garden.

1. Design. Whether you prefer a more organic flow, or a structure garden incorporating stone retaining walls, the design of your garden sets it up for success. The best design patterns to choose will depend on your space, taking into consideration direction access to sunlight and rain.

Tip - As it warms up, look to see where the snow melts first in your yard: these are the areas that receive the most sun. 

2. Seasonal choices. Certain flower varieties are better apt to bloom with the seasonal uncertainties of spring. To present your best garden as soon as spring hits, consider perennials that will bloom in the cooler spring weather like lily of the valley, lilacs, peonies, azaleas, pinks, and vinca.

3. Variety. Maintaining a nice variety of flowers creates a more dynamic garden presentation.

Tip - Be sure to check with your gardening specialist to ensure that the varieties you choose will grow together without conflict.

4. Colour scheme. Gardens are much like any piece of art, in that you want to choose colours that complement each other. Start with the hue you like best and experiment with different combinations while you browse the flower market.

5. Maintenance. It's important to consider how much maintenance you want to put into your garden. If you want the most impact, with the least work, consider spring-blooming perennials that will flower year after year with little maintenance required. The most reliable bulbs include tulips, daffodils, and crocuses.